Kevin Durant is Ridiculous


When Kevin Durant came into the NBA in 2007, I’ll admit that I wasn’t all that high on him. Granted, I was only 13, but still. That skinny kid won’t make it, I told myself. Luckily, for Kevin Durant, I have ZERO jurisdiction in how good a player was, is, or will be. But, I love being wrong, and, boy, was I wrong. After The Durantula scored 36 points tonight, that made 30+ points in his last NINE games. Nine! Who does that? It’s amazing to watch. The guy is probably one of the most, if not the most, clutch players in the NBA right now. It’d be hard to argue that fact. Not only that, but this season he’s doing it all by himself- once again proving me wrong. After Russell Westbrook got hurt during last season’s playoffs, KD didn’t perform as well as we, as fans, would have hoped. It got some people thinking. Maybe he wasn’t number two to LeBron. Maybe the gap between him and King James was wider than anticipated. But, the great thing about that is that a comparison of the two doesn’t even make sense. All-around players, yeah. But, just as a scorer it’d be difficult to address. Or so everyone thought.

Enter this season. After all the doubters stopped and Durant got back to being Kevin Durant, everything would pretty much subside. Then, Russell Westbrook made his return. Then he got hurt again, this time requiring more surgery. Ok, so it was back to just Durant leading his Oklahoma City Thunder. Man, he has been phenomenal. I just want to reiterate what he’s done. Nine straight 30+ point games. He’s got four 40+ point games. That’s just crazy. I love watching every second of it. I really just hope it doesn’t end soon, or doesn’t wear him out. KD is doing a lot for his team. But, with Westbrook likely to return, watch out for the Thunder. They can only make the chase for the Larry O’Brien trophy that much more exciting. Here’s to you, Kevin Durant.


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